Star Trek Stellar Cartography

Project:  illustrated book

Client: Becker & Mayer

Date: 2013

A new look for a not so new universe. Most people of a certain age can relate to the Star Trek Universe – Becker & Mayer took on the mammoth task of re-creating the Stellar Cartography: Star Fleet Reference Library maps.

We used 3 digital imaging programs… Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Luxologies MODO 3D (now The Foundry).

Apart from the challenges of producing something uniquely different, one of my main issues was of digital file size. Layers and layers within the main Photoshop file meant it quickly built up to a 3.2GB file (that’s gigabyte not megabyte), so it needed a serious piece of hardware to be able to handle it. In fact, these files were so large that they had to be saved in a format that supported documents up to 300,000 pixels (PSB files).

Star interview