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Nelson's Column Wrap   Zurich Insurance


Project: Nelsons Column - 3D models & renders

Client: Hush   (Lightbox)

Date: 2006

In 2005 Greater London Authority offered a unique opportunity to sponsor the restoration of Nelsons Column. Zurich Insurance were the preferred bidder and the creative team from Hush required a series of 3D renders to fit their creative brief.

All 3D models were to be rendered 'life size' as the advertising hoardings surrounding the column would be over 100 ft high. The concept was based on Insurance cover for 'what if' scenarios and imagery took the form of Nelsons Coumn being directly affected by potential global warming.

Life size renders included a car, taxi, phone box, giant squid, double decker bus, bicycle, sharks, fish and a turtle. All 3D renders were then incorporated by Hush into artwork that would be printed on shrouding to cover 3 sides of the 173ft tall column.